29 Feb 2012

Honest Blogging

An honest blog is an entertaining blog. It sounds easy, but over the past two months I have been trying to write an honest blog, and trying in vain. There is always a sentence or two, invariably the funniest sentence or two, that I am forced to omit at the last moment.* Why is it so difficult to fully commit, and be honest in ones writing?

A large percentage of people, in my opinion, are afraid to expose themselves out of a concern for their reputation. No matter how funny a particular paragraph may be, if you read it and think “I come across as an awful pervert here”, there is a strong possibility that that paragraph will get cut. The weird thing is that it probably isn’t overly perverted, but society has taught us not to take that risk. The fear that people won’t say “Yeah, I do the very same thing” is so great, that you simply can’t take the chance.

In my limited experience, there are three reasons why I feel I can’t fully commit to certain blogs:
  1. If I were to come on here and genuinely speak my mind, there isn’t a broad in Ireland who would look sideways at me. 
  2. I would cease to be professionally employed. 
  3. The thought of my Dad reading stories about me running wild on College Road back in the day worries me. Running wild on his dime, I might add.

Unless you plan on being a professional writer, doomed to a life of bachelorhood without the support of your family; my advice would be to omit the parts that make you sound like a dirt bag.

*Ironically, the best part of this article got cut. 

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