17 Jan 2012

Morning Demons

Having a 7:00am alarm at this time of year is criminal, nobody will deny that. It’s dark outside and as soon as one toenail creeps out from beneath the duvet, it’s damn cold. This part of life, however, is a necessary evil and there is not much that can be done about it bar going down the “artist” route.*

The interesting thing is that I know that I must arise and go at this time every day. My alarm will ring at seven tomorrow morning, as it did this morning, but I will still be shocked and angry when it does so. Laying in the bed, fighting the demons who try to persuade me to stay there, I think the same thing on a daily basis, ‘I’m going to bed at nine tonight’. In the car on the way to work I say aloud to myself, ‘I’m going to bed as soon as I get home’. In my experience, however, it never seems to play out so smoothly.

It will all go swimmingly until evening arrives, the point at which my morning promises are betrayed. I will not go to bed as soon as I get home, nor will I retire at 9pm. Midnight will eventually creep up on me and I will realise that I’ve spent the entire evening fluting around. I will set my alarm, close my eyes and wake up at seven once again. The shock and anger will return, and the demons will be more difficult to slay.

I will make the same promises. I will break the same promises.

* “Artists” must still get up on Thursdays to collect their rock n’ roll.

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