9 Jan 2012

Social Relationships

Twitter is my current girlfriend, we’ve been going steady for the bones of a year now and we’re getting on great. I tell her about my day and she seems to love it, I really think she could be the one. Facebook is the girl that I went out with for a few years, and Twitter just doesn’t trust, nor will she ever trust. Bebo was a girl whom I was seeing for a year or two when I started college, Twitter and I look back at her and we laugh together. Bebo was a mess of a woman, and she really let herself go in the end. Twitter knows that I have no interest in her and that is why she laughs, but I am still friends with Facebook and she hates that. She is always giving out that I have loads of photos with Facebook and none with her, but I think that she should be happy because I talk to her every day and I rarely converse with Facebook.

The truth of the matter is that I love Twitter for who she is, she is intelligent and has a great sense of humour. Facebook is more of a blonde. I just want the two to get along. We’re seeing a relationship therapist called TweetDeck at the moment, and she seems to have brought the two girls a lot closer together. My relationship with both is much easier to manage now, as a result.

There was one other girl also, Google Plus was her name, but Twitter and Facebook never found out about her. It was brief, I mean she was sexy and she had one or two features that the others didn’t have, if you know what I mean, but then she just disappeared. I think she had a couple of sisters too, one of them went by the name of Buzz, I believe, but they disappeared too. Drifters, they must have been a family of drifters.

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  1. Excellent Barry. Very astute and very funny. Sean